Shred - Rock - Blues - Finger Pickin'?

GH Music Has You Covered

Check out these beautiful pieces of American craftsmanship. If you're in Melbourne, you owe it to yourself to drop in and try a signature USA Petrucci, Luke or Albert Lee. All unique guitars. All designed by unique musicians - and ready for you to play any time.
 December 2015

Guitar Factory Parramatta Shares Some Ernie Ball Music Man Goodness...

We thought you'd like to see some close ups of a truly beautiful instrument that Parramatta's Guitar Factory took delivery of recently.

Take a look at the birdseye on the roasted neck, and the quilt on that maple top

If you have a hankering to try a 'next level' instrument, drop in or call to speak with Bronson. Click on the pic to visit the website for more!


 November 2015




Yes, that's Voyager's shredding demon, Simone Dow looking slightly impressed

Yes, you can see this instrument on display at Kosmic Sound - for the moment!

Yes, Simone and staff have plenty to say about this unique guitar now they've got their hands on it! Check out their first impressions and more info on this incredible instrument by visiting Kosmic Sound's blog page here!