The Music Man Rig That Eric Clapton Auctioned for Charity

Some great history we found on Music Radar the other day - discussing the auction of one of Eric Clapton's Music Man rigs in aid of a truly worthy charity - The Crossroads Centre for drug and alcohol rehabilitation in Anitigua. Click on the pic to check out the full article at Music Radar. An except from the article is below...

Leo Fender’s Music Man amplifiers, with their pioneering ‘hybrid’ valve and solid-state circuitry, plus master volume control, were Clapton’s preferred amps through the mid-1970s and early 1980s. “We have four head-and-cab set-ups and two combos in the sale,” explains Saiichi. “Some of them have what’s known as the ‘Clapton mod’, with the bright switch replaced by a mid boost switch and a ‘preamp out, power amp in’ circuit so that the amps could be linked up.

“The 112RD 50 combo featured in Clapton’s first ever video shoot, directed by Godley and Creme in 1985, for the hit single Forever Man. Clapton also used this amp during a number of low-key appearances, including Stan Webb of Chicken Shack’s Finchley Cricket Club charity cricket match gig in August 1986.

“Another combo was used at a St Valentine’s Day dance in Cranleigh, in 1977. This is a 2 x 10, which is unusual for Eric. Then we have a set-up that was used for an ARMS concert in America. Around 1980, Music Man reversed the logo from black lettering on silver, to silver on black. This is a 150W head, with Eric’s special 2 x 12 JBL stack.

"We also have one HD130 Reverb stack, closer to the one that he was using in 1974-5. When Ernie Ball bought Music Man the amp range wasn’t continued, so Clapton used a variety of amps, including Bob Bradshaw rack systems (one of which we also have in the sale), before settling on the Fender Twin.”

A Look Behind the Curtain - Music Man Amplifiers 2015

In the picture above Marco De Virgilliis stands behind some Music Man amp chassis that are ready to be installed - and that's a fitting position! Marco and Music Man stand behind every Music Man amp and combo that is shipped to the world. Thirty years ago Some of the world's greatest musician's were choosing a Music Man amplifier for their sound. Now that Music Man amps are finally beginning to re-appear in Australian music stores, why not visit your favourite shop and find out why the world never stopped asking Music Man to continue building these great amps? Click here for a Music Man Amps dealer near you.

Interesting New Multichannel Pedal...
  Mark World's Marco De Virgiliis and endorsee Luca Mantovanelli   Old but new - we love it  
  Mark World's Sandra Mosca and Marco's latest beast  


MESSE 2014 - Luca Mantovanelli plays the Music Man HD130

Here's a sneak listen to the 'new' Music Man HD 130 head, thanks to Muikmesse 2014 and Luca Mantovanelli. Clean, distorted, with and without reverb, and with some tremolo options.


 Stay tuned for more!

MESSE 2014 - Marco De Virgiliis and Riccardo Damiani introduce Music Man Amplifiers

Parli Italiano? If so, enjoy this re-introduction of the new range of Music Man Amplification by Mark World's Marco De Virgiliis and Riccardo Damiani.


Don't speak the language? That's ok! Stay with the video and you'll get to enjoy the first shots of the Music Man Amps range to be seen outside Europe!



 Stay tuned. We'll bring you everything we can as it comes in.