Click on the image above to read the entire year in review article!


Pick Buddy's Got Your Back

Never lose your pick again! No adhesive required. Instant access to your pick. Simply press your Ernie Ball Pick Buddy onto your pickguard or nearly any surface of your guitar and you're ready to rock.



The PolyLock Locking Strap for Electric Guitar and Bass' patent-pending design makes it easy to securely attach the strap to your electric guitar or bass, without the need for modification or bulky hardware.

Simply fasten your Ernie Ball PolyLock Strap to the existing strap buttons on virtually any electric guitar or bass and you’re set!

Lock In. Rock Out.








Perth's Pit Bull Guitars were recently looking for strings that could do justice to their diverse range of guitar kits, and Ernie Ball Slinkys had the quality and tone that made them a great fit.



You can contact Pit Bull Guitars by clicking on the image to the left.

You can find Ernie Ball Slinky strings at every good music store!                                                                    


Cold Chisel's One Night Stand Tour

Supported By Ernie Ball

There you have it, a veritable mountain of Ernie Ball strings is on tour with Chisel this year - and every other year - as they continue to wave the banner of Aussie rock. Every gig is hard rocking magic, and we can't wait to be there!






Join the Ernie Ball legacy by clicking on the image above to visit the Ernie Ball I Play Slinky website, building a poster for yourself or your band, then uploading it to the Ernie Ball Australia Facebook page (here) using the hashtag #iplayslinky and be in the running to win sets of your favourite Ernie Ball strings every week!




Ernie Ball's new Slinky Flatwounds - 

What do the guys in your favourite stores really think of them?

We set up a Classic StingRay with our new Cobalt wrapped Ernie Ball Slinky Flatwound strings and gave it to some of WA's top sales guys to see what they thought. Do these new flatwounds really sound and perform like roundwounds, but with a super smooth feel?    


Rory from Mega Music Myaree:  "Wow - An awesome smooth flatwound feel, but with the roundwound output ."


Gary from Kosmic Sound -"These Slinky Flatwounds have a great smooth feel – but with a bright and loud output."


Mike from Music Park - "These new Slinky Flatwounds have great dynamics. Very nice and snappy - I  love em!"


Raffe from Mega Music Myaree: "These strings are awesome – I've never played such a dynamic sounding and great feeling string – I need a set for my bass  - ASAP!"


These new bass strings are the real deal - all the tops, dynamics and sustain of a regular roundwound, but with that comfy smooth slide that flatwound players get every night when they strap on their bass. Opt for SMOOOTH under your fingers from now on. Contact your favourite music store today and DEMAND a set of our new Slinky Flatwound Bass Strings - 'because your fingers are worth it!'


Daniel Johns Pushes Forward

Great to see former Silverchair frontman Daniel Johns continuing to push the envelope - this time by using the audio from his We Are Golden track to trigger 42 cameras set up for a fashion photo shoot. You can check out more details in The Music article here, or click on the image above to check out a finished clip.

Ernie Ball Presents -

Capturing the White Buffalo

Join Ernie Ball as we follow The White Buffalo, aka Jake Smith, as he records his new album. From inspiration, to writing, fine-tuning, recording, and mixing, to rehearsing and performing live, experience the trials and tribulations of a modern day troubadour. A ten part docuseries coming this June exclusively at
 Click here to visit the series home page and watch each episode as it becomes available. Like the Ernie Ball Australia page here to be notified as new episodes are released.


Flat Feel. Round Sound. Famously Slinky.

Ernie Ball Slinky Flatwound Bass Strings combine the smooth feel of traditional flats with the modern power of Cobalt.

Featuring a SuperBright Cobalt Ribbon wrap, Cobalt Underwraps and optimal core to wrap ratio, the new Flatwound Bass strings are the first flat that actually feels like a flat but sounds like a round.

Check them out from August 1 2015 at your favourite music store.


Ernie Ball Dealer Dale Allison Inducted to Wagga Daily Advertiser Roll of Honour

Local musician and entrepreneur Dale Allison was recently inducted into the Wagga Daily Advertiser's Roll of Honour, an accolade reserved for those who truly give to the community so that everyone's lives can be that much richer, or even just more liveable. You can read the full article here or, meet Dale at his store - Allison Music in Wagga next time you're in town. You can also visit Allison Music online here.

We all feel it couldn't happen to a nicer guy - Congratulations Dale.

Ernie Ball Rocks the RocKwiz OrKestra

RockWiz' resident bass genius Mark Ferrie may seem confused when he's being presented with a pack of phosphor bronze acoustic strings, but we all know he's clear on where we'll next see that set of regular Slinky bass strings in his hand ;)  Every time the RocKwiz house band hits one out of the park, you're listening to Ernie Ball strings at their best! 


RocKwiz is a uniquely entertaining show that supports local Australian music and Ernie Ball is proud to be associated with it. Tune into SBS or Max and test your musical IQ!



Our First 'Vox Pop' on Aluminum Bronze Strings

Perth guitarist Tyler Crosbie is one of the first locals to try Aluminum Bronze. Here's what he had to say:

"I got home and immediately restrung my guitar :) It's an old 70s Sigma Dreadnought, (not sure of model). I noticed an immediate improvement in playability. The Elixirs I had, (and I've been using the same gauge 11-52s), were harder to bend. The guitar now feels like it's a lot more playable, which I really wasn't expecting from the strings. Tone wise, pretty happy, I find the Elixirs a pretty bright string anyway, and these matched up nicely. It'll be interesting to see how they last. Overall my initial impression is they're really nice strings."



When it comes to tone, the last thing you should believe is what you read - so get into your favourite music store, strap on a set of our Aluminum Bronze strings and decide with your ears. We're excited about this new alloy and can't wait to hear what you think!


Brian Ball Discusses Aluminum Bronze Strings

The sound of your acoustic guitar is about to be redefined thanks to Ernie Ball. Aluminum Bronze strings give your acoustic more of everything you want in your guitar's sound - more lows, more mid range punch, more clarity, more definition between notes, and more projection.

In this video interview, Brian Ball discusses the development of the first new material for acoustic guitar since Phosphor Bronze was introduced over 40 years ago.

Curious? You should be. Ernie Ball Aluminum Bronze strings are available from good music stores now!




M-Steels Land Down Under

Having arrived only a few days ago, Ernie Ball Music Man's M-Steel are starting to appear on shelves in Australian Music Stores. If you're in Adelaide, you owe it to yourself to get on down to John Reynolds Music and check out why we're claiming that M-Steel strings are the best guitar strings in the world.

If you're not from Adelaide - harass your favourite music store until they catch up and stock the strings that will give your guitar a new voice.




Tony Levin In Australia

Tony Levin visits Australia with the Crimson ProjeCKt in June July and thanks to Ernie Ball Music Man has graciously offerred to meet fellow bassists while he's here. Drop in to Bass Centre in Melbourne on June 26 around 11:30 for a chance to chat with 'Stick Man'.

 If you miss this opportunity, click on the image for a list of the gigs they're doing around Australia.



Ernie Ball is very excited to announce our partnership with Music Aficionado, an online community for people who are passionate about great music! Showcasing their great taste, M.A. has launched a series called "Five Question Collection," and recently they sat down with Ernie Ball Music Man family member, Steve Lukather!

Check out Steve's "Five Question Collection" via Music Aficionado where he chats about artists he's excited about, gear that he loves, music influences and more!

Just use the link below to be invited by Steve

Luke at Music Afficionado



Ernie Ball Presents Slash 'Real to Reel' Ep.3



Ernie Ball came to the studio to give a behind the scenes look, as Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators begin recording the new album. In Episode 3, we hear more about the recording process.

Ernie Ball Presents Slash 'Real to Reel' Ep.2

Ernie Ball came to the studio to give a behind the scenes look, as Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators begin recording the new album. In Episode 2, we meet Conspirator, Todd Kerns, who talks about recording bass for the new album.


Ernie Ball Presents Slash 'Real to Reel' Ep.1

Ernie Ball visited the studio to give us all a behind the scenes look, as Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators begin recording the new album. In Episode 1, Conspirator Brent Fitz, talks about his part drum tracking in the recording progress of the new album.



Eric Clapton at Crossroads

"Tears in Heaven" revisited


Last spring, for the fourth incarnation of his Crossroads Guitar Festival, Eric Clapton moved the ax-driven marathon indoors for the first time, to New York's Madison Square Garden.

Check out his fresh rendition of "Tears in Heaven"


He's still the man


Ernie Ball Makes It Official - and Takes NAMM to the Circus!
For years visitors have referred to the NAMM experience as a 'zoo', 'circus' or 'carnival', and in 2014 Ernie Ball took that idea to its literal extreme, dressing the stand up with carny figures, side show alley games, larger than life figures and a host of acts to keep NAMM attendees entertained all week long. Below are a few shots from the show. You can check out more here.




Ernie To The Rescue!

The Musician's Tool Kit

We've all had it happen - you're at the gig, about to go on or (worse) in mid set, and the wheels fall off. Fumbling around in a gig bag or case is no fun in these situations. That's where Ernie Ball can save the day with their Musician's Tool Kit. All the essentials you need in one secure place at your fingertips the moment you need them.

Click on the picture for more info, then visit your favourite music store to swag up!


MVP - The Last Volume Pedal You'll Ever Buy!

Ernie Ball volume pedals take a licking and keep on ticking. You'll find them in the bottom of every good guitarist's gig bag. So how do you improve on that?

Most Valuable Pedal

No High Frequency loss at any level
Works with guitars, basses, keys etc.,
Minimum level setting
Max level setting - up to 20dB boost
Works in any signal chain
tuner out - doesn't affect signal quality
Indestructible pedal housing
AC or DC operation

Click on the picture for more info, then grab one from your favourite music store!


 What was happening on the Ernie Ball Music Man Stand at NAMM 2013?



Andy Mckee (50 gazillion hits on You Tube and counting!) dropped in to say hi to his friends at Ernie Ball and proceeded to blow everyone away with his rendition of Toto's Africa. 



Notice what he's running his acoustic through? That's right - he's using a Markbass 2x10 combo!


Click on the image to check out a video of Andy playing Africa.



Are Those Balls?

Santa Must Be On His Way!

The happy elves at Bam Bam Music have taken up the Christmas challenge and spruced up the store for the festive season with a huge tree covered in everyone's favourite stocking stuffer - Ernie's Slinky Strings!


Ernie Ball Strings and Accessories are a popular favourite with musicians all year 'round, but 'tis the gigging season, and there's no better time to treat your favourite muso to a little Ernie Ball love than right now!


Pop in to your friendly Ernie Ball dealer and pick up a treat for the musician in your life!


Detuners Rejoice! Cobalt 7-Strings are on their way!




 So you like your drop-tunings and you love the feel and sound of Cobalts, but you've been missing them on your favourite axe? Fret no more (yes pun!), Ernie Ball hears you and we have THREE - that's right THREE different gauges of 7 string sets on their way right now - 10-56, 10-62 and 11-56. Get them from your favourite Ernie Ball reseller early in November! 




Stay informed - be first to know when Ernie Ball changes the game by liking us on Facebook - just click on the pic to visit us!



Ernie Ball COBALT Guitar and Bass strings arrive in Australia!


April 2012 marks a new era for Australian guitarists. Ernie Ball's patented Cobalt alloy-based guitar and bass strings have arrived in Australia and are shipping to music stores as quickly as we can pack them!


See below for You Tube clips discussing this phenomenal development that makes fundamental improvements in the tone, response and feel of your guitar!


To quote Sterling Ball - Cobalt is REAL!


Lars Lehmann on Cobalt Strings - "I am definitely rediscovering my instruments while using cobalt strings"






John Petrucci Play Tests New Ernie Ball Cobalt Strings

As we say above, you need to try these to know just how much better your guitar can sound and feel, but if you can't wait to find out more - listen to what JP had to say after he put Cobalts to the test...

"They sound amazing"

"They have increased power, incredible clarity and incredible sonic balance"

"They feel really, really comfortable under my fingers"

"More alive"

"Lower notes have more clarity and separation"

"Like a mastered Vs unmastered recording"

"They're unbelievable....You'll love them"

Now it's your turn. Check the new Ernie Ball Cobalt strings our at your favourite music store!



Steve Lukather on Cobalts 

Luke has been playing Ernie Balls since the '60s

Steve is one of a number of respected guitarists who have tried Ernie Ball Cobalts only to be astounded at the improvement in their playing experience that they directly attibute to a better getter guitar string.

Visit Ernie Ball's You Tube channel to see Slash, John Petrucci, Steve Morse, Steve Lukather, Randy Jackson and others talk about the results of their Cobalt play tests -

Now visit your favourite Ernie Ball dealer to see, hear and feel what a difference Cobalts make yourself!






Joe Bonamassa and Dave La Rue rip up EB's 50th!

50 Years making music means 50 years making friends, and some of Ernie Ball's best mates were on hand to celebrate their birthday. Here's Joe Bonammassa, Dave La Rue, Jim Cox and John Ferraro ripping it up at the big bash!

Want to know why Ernie Ball have so many great friends? Just try a set of Slinkys and you'll know.