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MC Systems SYD String Reviver reviewed on


A Couple of Ordinary Average Guys? 


The Eagles were in town this week for their History of The Eagles tour, and MC Systems supremo Warren McAlister took the opportunity to catch up with 'Analog Man' Mr. Walsh while he had some down time. It's nice to know that the guy who puts the insides of our pedals together is listening to guys like Joe who have a lifetime's experience to share when it comes to gear. This can only be a good thing for the rest of us!


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Burgs Talks LAX Glass Chorus 

Yet another new video from Brett 'Burgerman' Kingman, taking us through the ins and outs of the Apollo LAX Glass Chorus.  

It's very handy that Brett has reviewed both the LAX Glass Chorus and the BSL Hybrid Chorus within days of eachother. Watch both videos and you'll have a handle on the different character of these two great chorus pedals. 

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Kingman on MC Systems BSL Hybrid Chorus 

Check out this new video from Brett 'Burgerman' Kingman. In his inimitably casual yet informative style, Brett takes us through all the features of MC Systems dynamic response BSL Hybrid Chorus pedal.


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Burgerman puts the microscope on the CGN Dynamic Delay

Brett Kingman - respected Aussie guitarist and inveterate You Tube blogger has taken time out to review the MC Systems CGN Dynamic Delay. The demo is great, not only giving you a good feeling for the tone of this pedal, but also giving you a handle on the versatility and quick change artistry afforded by the Alternate and Velocity Switches.
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MC Systems Labs Avoid Inferno!

 We all know that MC Systems dynamic response effects pedals perform and sound like they were forged in Odin's crucible, but still, we were glad to hear that their Katoomba lab narrowly avoided being destroyed in last week's raging bushfires. This shot is one that Warren took (on the run!) as the fire exploded over the hill near the lab. Luckily, after two evacuations MC System's workspace is now safe and Warren is back in harness nailing down projects 2, 3 and 4 for NAMM release!

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More Apollos in Adelaide!

  Adelaide likes the Apollo range! If you're in the city of churches, drop by John Reynolds Music and get the guys to pull out a couple of these amazing dynamic response stomp boxes and see why reviewers are calling them 'genius'.

If Adelaide's a little further from home than you'd like, check out our MC Systems dealer page for a store near you.


MC Systems at BMusic

 Shane at BMusic likes to stay ahead of the game when it comes to new tech, hence he's displaying the full line of MC Systems Dynamic Response pedals in store. Check them out online by clicking on the picture, or visit Shane's store and try them yourself if you're in the Gawler area.

Looking for someone closer to home and not in the great southern land? Check out our MC Systems dealer page for a store near you.



MC Systems Arrives in Australia!


The wait is over. MC Systems Apollo Range of Dynamic Response Effects Pedals are now shipping in Australia.


If you've been reading the press, you'll have seen the rave reviews that these formidable pedals have begun to garner, and now you get the chance to find out why so many reviewers don't want to part with the MC Systems pedals they're sent to check out!


If you want to know where to try them, click on the picture to load our MC Systems Dealers page.

Stock should be in store 3rd week of July 2014!


Visit MC Systems in Nashville!

MC Systems is on the road again, setting up camp in Nashville for the week to give everyone the chance to get hands on with the Apollo range as well as sneak peaks at some cool things that are 'comin down the line'.

Pop into booth 1550 in Hall B and say hi to Warren for us!

If you won't be at NAMM, but want to try MC Systems Dynamic Response pedals out for yourself, click on the image to the right to find a dealer near you - we're shipping!


MC Systems on Stage with Tony Levin and Crimson ProjeKCt 


We mentioned the other day that Tony was taking some Apollo pedals for a test drive before the first gig of the Australian leg of the Crimson ProkeKCt tour and here you can see two of them being put to good use during their sets.


Check out the rest of Tony's blog by clicking on the picture to the left. Check out MC pedals live at a store near you later this month!



Crimson ProjeKCt's Tony Levin takes MC Systems for a Test Drive!


While touring Australia with his King Crimson band mates, Tony Levin has taken the opportunity to check out some some of the local talent - in terms of electronics design that is!

Here you can see him with the NKM Dynamic Drive, BWI Dynamic Fuzz and CGN Dynamic Delay pedals.


 If you haven't booked tickets yet, there's still time to catch the stick man and his compatriots in sound adventures at a great venue near you.





First Reviews of MC Systems Pedals are in!

And the response is pretty exciting ;)  Peter Hodgeson of I Heart Guitar ran through two of the 8 pedals from the Apollo range in depth and his comments range from "OK. This is genius" to "You really miss it when you turn it off" to "These pedals redefine what we can expect a pedal to do". Having had the luxury of play testing production prototypes for the last couple of months, we can only agree! Check out June Mixdown, free from your local music outlet, or find it online here to read more of what Peter has to say, and to check out mini reviews of the rest of the Apollo pedals. Full production has begun and stock will begin arriving at better music stores from the end of June 2014. Get into your favourite store and stomp on one for yourself to find out just how much fun MC Systems Dynamic Response pedals are!


Warren McAlister discusses MC Systems Apollo range of Dynamic Response stomp boxes at 2014 Frankfurt Music Messe
Warren McAlister, designer of the Apollo range, explains some of the unique features of his Dynamic Response effects pedals. If you haven't had one in your hands, this is the next best thing.
As intrigued as we were by what Warren has to say? Click here to check out all his new pedals in more detail.
MC Systems Apollo range of Dynamic Response stomp boxes debuts at NAMM 2014

Check out the video to see MC Systems' Warren McAlister explain why Dynamic Response effects pedals are going to be appearing on a LOT of pedal boards later this year!


Like what you hear? Click here to check out all the pedals in a little more detail