Music Man Arrives at Mall Music Macquarie Centre


Thinking about a Music Man bass, and want to try a few options? Mall Music has just expanded their bass display to include USA Music Man, Sterling by Music Man and the insanely affordable S.U.B. range of Music Man basses. Not only that, but you get to try them through the world's best bass amps - Markbass!

Don't waste time wondering what a Stingray really feels and sounds like when you can find out for yourself. Drop in and talk to Ben, Grahame and the guys at Mall Music at Macquarie Centre Ryde and check out their extensive range of basses, from the new S.U.B. to the reissued Classic Sabre. If you're not near Ryde, click here to find a Music Man Dealer near you!

  Kosmic Sound Shows Us Their S.U.B.s  
  As you can see from this picture from Kosmic Sound's new bass vault, Music Man continues to extend the range of finishes available for popular their S.U.B. series of StingRay style active basses. If you haven't played one of these yet, you're missing out. The Ray4 doesn't just have the StingRay4's good looks - it's got the tone and feel as well - something you won't find in another bass for twice the price!   
  If you're in Perth, drop into Kosmic and check out the S.U.B. Ray4 range in their bass room. If you're not - click here to find a S.U.B. dealer near you.  



The Top End Just Got Crunchier!

Need more thump in your bottom, more glass in your tops? Top End Sounds will sort you.

Check out USA Music Man and Sterling by Music Man with Grant and Rodney.

Click on the pics to visit Top End Sounds online.



Video demo of the Ray 5


We don't know Franky Sadikin from Indonesia, but he sure knows his way around a bass! Check out this brief demo of the Ray 5 where Franky slaps and pulls his way through some impressive riffs.


Like what you see? Visit your nearest S.U.B. dealer to try one of these incredible value basses or guitars for yourself.



Video Demo of the Ray 4

Chris Haggis Gutteridge takes the walnut satin finish S.U.B. Ray 4 for a spin. Sounds nice - even through a phone mic!

Check out the exceptional value and quality S.U.B. series basses and guitars for yourself at a S.U.B. dealer near you!


Somerset Music's Dean demos the Ax3


Check out just a few of the tones that Somerset Music staff have been coaxing from the Ax3 - very tasty for a guitar that retails for $495!



If you like what you hear, check out an Ax3 for yourself at Somerset Music, or click here to find a Sterling by Music Man S.U.B. dealer near you!




Guitarist Magazine Australia Reviews the Silo 3

S.U.B. smashes it again with another reviewer who had to check the price tag twice once he played the guitar!

Read September Guitarist for all the news.

Click on the image for your nearest S.U.B. dealer today!


MIXDOWN Reviews the S.U.B. Ray 4

"Exceptional playability at any price", "All the key Music Man features", "Incredible sustain", "Sounds better than you could honestly expect"

Click on the image to read the full review, and discover just how good our new range of basses and guitars is.

Once you've done that, visit your nearest S.U.B. dealer to take one for a test drive.


S.U.B. is in the House!


We here at CMC Music have been floored by the reception that our new range of Music Man inspired basses and guitars is receiving. They look great, feel great and - most importantly - they sound great, and our dealers are having the best time demoing these brilliant instruments.


The image on the left show's part of Kosmic Sound's extensive display of Music Man, Sterling by Music Man, and Sterling by Music Man S.U.B. series instruments.


To check out one of our new basses or guitars, whose prices start as low as $395 for guitar and $495 for bass, just click on the image to find a dealer near you!