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Marco De Virgiliis, the creative and driving force behind all things Mark, lets us 'sneak behind the magician's curtain' to give us a feel for the technology, the philosophy, and most importantly - the people - behind the amazing products from Markbass, DV Mark, Mark Audio and Mark Drum.

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DV Mark Frank Gambale Combo reviewed


Check out Shane's review of the new Frank Gambale Combo. Great look, great tones!


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Guitarist Greg Howe joins the DV Mark family
June 26, 2012 – California guitar great Greg Howe, known as a virtuoso, solo artist and sideman to such pop stars as Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, NSYNC and Enrique Iglesias, is now endorsing the Italian guitar amp brand DV Mark.
Greg’s rig of choice is the Triple 6 (new release) head and the C412 Standard cabinet. He calls the 120W Triple 6 “an extremely versatile amp capable of delivering a variety of killer tones.” He will travel to Italy in July to begin collaborating with Marco De Virgiliis and the DV Mark team on a signature amp to be released next year.
Click on the video to check out Greg playing through his rig and sharing his comments, then visit your nearest DV Mark dealer to check out a rig for yourself!




Check out what Travis Larson has to say about the DV Mark amps he uses on his new Travis Larson Band album "Soundmind" as well as in his live rig, then drop into your nearest DV Mark dealer to try one yourself!


                      DV MARK AT THE NEW YORK AMP SHOW

Check out this year's New York Amp Show, with DV Mark's Mitch Colby presenting the complete range of heads, combos and cabs, then drop into your nearest DV Mark dealer to try one yourself!