Klotz Cables - Made In Germany!

A Look Behind the Scenes

 All of Klotz' innovative high-quality products are developed in-house – without exception. Far-sighted, future-oriented ideas continuously generate new products that are always one step ahead of today’s requirements.
Check out this behind-the-scenes video to see the care and attention to detail that goes into making every Klotz cable and connector 

Observations on Klotz cables by Brett 'Burgerman' Kingman - axeman for James Reyne, and denizen of You Tube

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Klotz Interfaces Running on Waves!

7.5 kilometres of Klotz Cables is now Cruising the Mediterranean!

Built in 2011 in Gdansk, Poland, the beautiful cruising yacht 'Running on Waves'
was fully equipped with KLOTZ cables for their media centre.

A few of the ship's technical features may interest you:
Total ship length: 64m
Keel draft: 3,20m
Sail area: 1.120m²
KLOTZ cables installed on board: 7.5 km
Believe it or not, more than 7km of KLOTZ Speaker cables, Video cables, Mic. cables, HDMI cables, CAT5 cables and CCTV Composite cables have been installed run through the body of this Beauty of the Seas.

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 James Reyne and Klotz Light Up Sunrise

See those beefy looking cables hanging out of Phil Ceberano and Brett Kingman's Strats while they hit the Sunrise audience with a rendition of The Boys Light Up? The cables with the red Neutrik silent plugs? Yes - they're our premium Titanium cables courtesy of Klotz - The Signal Masters.

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Rod Stewart, Klotz and James Reyne Share the Stage Around Australia

If you're one of the hundreds of thousands of Aussie fans to catch James Reyne and friends supporting Rod Stewart's 2015 Tour, you've been luck enough to hear the sound of Ernie Ball strings captured via Klotz' iconic Titanium cables, and now that they've heard just how amazing these cables are, you'll be listening to James and the band through Klotz for a long time to come!

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Joe Bonamassa and Klotz - From the Beginning 
It seems like Joe Bonamassa and Klotz have been together forever, but check out this video and you'll see that Joe began using a single Klotz speaker cable for his amp rig and their relationship grew from there. Touring live work is the most punishing environment for any type of cable, and since he began his relationship with Klotz and continued his hundreds of gigs every year, Joe's Klotz cables have delivered honest tone for every gig and not let him down one single time.
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   Klotz Pro Consumer App Available for Download

It doesn't get more convenient than this! Click on the image above to download the latest version of the Klotz Consumer Products app with images and detailed specifications on every cable and connector you can imagine!

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Mega Music Goes With The Signal Masters

Looking for an inexpensive and effective way to improve your tone? Throw out those old cables you've been dragging around for years and pick up some quality made 'signal interfaces' from Germany. Klotz know tone, they know cable and they know how to get one from the other. Mega Music in Perth has just loaded up their wall with a generous selection of the most popular of Klotz instrument, microphone and speaker cables. Take one of your old faithful cables in to the Myaree or Wangara store and do an A/B with even the cheapest of Klotz leads - you'll be amazed! Click on the picture for  Mega Music's contact details



Ross Wilson and the lads are back and touring the best of Mondo Rock, including the Chemistry album in its entirety.

visit rosswilson.com.au for tour dates!


TM Stevens - Klotz - Funk Master Signature Cables


T.M. Stevens had long sought a signature cable that would meet his rigorous standards of sound and mechanical quality. His partner is Klotz Cables – international cable specialists, winners of a host of international cable tests and leader in research and development of high-quality cables and connectors. In the video, TM talks about his career and why he chose Klotz.

TM Stevens is an icon of the international bass community, untiringly on tour for 365 days of the year as a solo recording artist and with his numerous band projects including Shocka Zooloo, Voodoo Chile, Social Lybrium and BPS. He achieved legendary status as a recording and concert musician in the company of Joe Cocker, Tina Turner, James Brown, Miles Davis, Whitney Houston, Steve Vai, Al DiMeola, Billy Joel, John McLaughlin, Little Steven, Stevie Salas and many, many more superstars.





Two Lizottes and Klotz...

If you caught Diesel's intimate performance at Lizotte's restaurant at Dee Why early in December, you were treated to a rare performance of consumate artistry.

Playing selections from a writing history that spans 13 self-penned albums (or was it 14?), Diesel carried the audience at Lizotte's through years of the evolution of his style and craftsmanship. It was at all times exciting and uplifting, and made us all proud to see such accomplished writing and performance from an Aussie musician.

The trombonist? That's Brian, Diesel's brother and owner of the Lizotte's chain of restaurants (still complaining that Mark doesn't pay him for sessions ;)


Diesel Let's Fly with Klotz Cables

After being knocked out by the difference recabling with Klotz cables made to his sound, Marl Lizotte (Diesel) has decided to completely rewire his studio with Klotz cables.

“When I plugged in after recabling my live rig with Klotz cables, it was like a veil had been lifted from my sound. I was able to back off my amp’s EQ because the air I’d been missing was already there. That’s when I knew it was time to rewire my studio with Klotz.”     Mark Lizotte 2013

Diesel is touring Australia across October and November to promote his new studio album - 'Let it Fly'. Catch him live to hear what happens when a great musician's performance is transmitted with clarity and dynamics.

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Music Express Plugs in to Klotz Cables!

If you're in Brisbane and looking for the best cable to put between you and your amp,

drop in and see the boys at Music Express - When it comes to Klotz, they've got you covered

from Kik to Titaniums!

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Kosmic Sound and Lighting - Wrapped in Klotz Cables!

Perth musicians don't have far to go to find the world's best cables. Just a short drive

to Osborne Park and you'll be spoiled for choice! Everything from widget patch cables, to the

latest Joe Bonamassa Signature leads and new Silent Plug Titanium with a liftetime guarantee!

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