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 Klotz Cables - Made In Germany!

A Look Behind the Scenes

 All of Klotz' innovative high-quality products are developed in-house – without exception. Far-sighted, future-oriented ideas continuously generate new products that are always one step ahead of today’s requirements.
Check out this behind-the-scenes video to see the care and attention to detail that goes into making every Klotz cable and connector 



 KLOTZ Cables' KIK range of instrument cables for guitar and keyboard are renowned for their high quality at a budget price. Their unique design features a combined soldered and crimped conductor connection, custom developed by KLOTZ cables, which is virtually indestructible. KIK connectors are supplied in gold-tipped versions for maximum service life.
Colours available:   Red, Yellow, Green, Pink, Blue, Black
Lengths available:   3m, 6m, 9m
Cable Type:   KIK, Capacitance 115 pF, Width 6.1mm, PVC Jacket
Shielding:   Double Screened cable, bare copper spiral shield with conductive plastic
Connector Type:   Klotz, 2 pin, 6.35mm, gold tips
Sleeve Type:   Flexible studded rubber sleeve to accomodate a short bend radius
 KLOTZ Cables' KIK range of instrument cables for guitar and keyboard is also available with nickel connectors - an economical alternative to gold - and Amphenol connectors (including right angles connector options), giving every guitarist the option to own quality german made cables with a 5 year warranty, but without breaking the bank!

The KLOTZ KIK Instrument Cable is an exceptionally reliable cable at a budget price that delivers premium sound quality. It is now available with the KLOTZ in-house KCPM jack connector. As always, the KLOTZ engineers focused on stellar sound quality and ruggedness when they perfected their design.

24-carat gold-plated contacts ensure superb signal fidelity, while the high-precision workmanship and outstanding strain relief element deliver stability and breakproof durability. The ergonomic lines of the die-cast housing feature unique handling properties, with grooves and recessed grips.

Now fit for the future, the updated KIK Instrument Cable will continue to delight musicians seeking clear, high-fidelity transmission sound for their instruments.

Cable Type:   KIK, Ø 6,1 mm, capacity 115 pF/m (35 pF/ft)
Shielding:   Double screened cable, bare copper spiral shield and conductive plastic
Connector Type:   Jack 2p., 6.35 mm, straight and angled, black by KLOTZ
Sleeve Type:   Metal cased black connector with integrated rubber sleeve
Jacket Type:   PVC
Contact Type:   Gold-plated


The '59er Vintage Guitar Cable is the ideal combination of vintage design with up-to-the-minute technology in hallmark KLOTZ quality. The textile jacket recalls rock's roots while offering effective protection. The cable features low capacitance for a great sound plus rugged long-life design with clever elements such as anti-kink shrink sleeves.

Cable Type:  

’59 Vintage, capacitance 115 pF, 7.6 mm Ø

Shielding:   Double screened cable, bare copper spiral shield and conductive plastic
Connector Type:   Klotz, 2 pin, 6.35mm, straight or angled
Sleeve Type:   Anti kink shrink sleeves
Jacket Type:   PVC, Textile
Contact Type:   Gold tip + Nickel body
Core Type:   High Quality Copper Core - 99.95% pure ETP Copper
Available Lengths:   3m, 4.5m, 6m 

PRO ARTIST instrument and guitar cables deliver convincingly broad,well-balanced sound and easy handling. Manufactured from state-of-the-art plastics, the cables are designed for maximum flexibility, with soft PVC and special plasticizers to maintain flexibility and electrical stability throughout the cable‘s long life.

In addition, the range features low capacitance of 95 pF/m and low microphonics. We selected classic jack connectorsin rugged low-capacitance metal design. The cable/connector joint has an additional shrink sleeve to protect against kinking. Coloured connector labellings help to identify the preferred connector / signal transmission direction.

 Cable Type:   PRO ARTIST, Ø 6,5 mm,capcitance 95 pF/m
 Shielding:   Double screened cable,bare copper spiral shield and conductive plastic
Connector Type:   Switchcraft Jack plug - 2pin, 6,35 mm, low capacitance, straight or angled
Sleeve Type:   Metal, nickel - additional rugged shrink sleeve for extra anti-kink protection 
 Jacket Type:   PVC



The Winner...
"49 Guitar Cables - Fight Club" - Winners Circle,Guitar Player Magazine, May 2008
"With its midrange zing and abundant low-end, the La Grange is a muscular-sounding cable that melds clarity and string-to-string detail with an impressive punch." Art Thompson Guitar Player Magazine

Guitar Player Editors Pick Award, Guitar Player Magazine, Oct. 2003
"We tested the 10‘ LaGrange model ... with a variety of guitars and amps, and found it to be one of the clearest and most coherent sounding cables we´ve ever tried - not surprising considering it´s low total capacitance (cable and connectors). Notes spring from the speakers sounding focused and aligned, and the note detail and top-to-bottom balance is extraordinary.The LaGrange even brings out a little extra beefiness in the low-end - which is truly the mark of a cable that´s revealing all the sonic goodies your guitar has to offer."

La Grange are multiple award-winning cables which have become a market classic over the last 20 years and are still considered the ultimate in quality and reliability. Like our full cable range, La Grange products have naturally been updated to include state-of-the-art plastics such as highly conductive plastics and the latest nonvolatile high-temperature plasticizers.

Cable Type:   LaGrange, Ø 6,9 mm,capacitance 67 pF/m
Shielding:   Double screened cable, ultrafine copper spiral shield < 95% and conductive plastic
Connector Type:   Neutrik Jack plug: 2pin, 6.35 mm, low capacitance, straight or angled
Sleeve Type:   Black, with cable bend protection
 Jacket Type:   PVC

Klotz Artist Series Cables provide ultimate quality and performance for stage and studio. These cables are the result of years of research and in-depth collaborations with highly respected artists from the international recording and performance scene, including:

 'Funkmaster' TM Stevens (basssist for Joe Cocker, Tina Turner, James Brown, Miles Davis, Whitney Houston, Steve Vai, Al DiMeola, Billy Joel, John McLaughlin, Little Steven, Stevie Salas and many more)

'Rockmaster' Mathias Jabs (lead guitarist of Germany‘s most famous supergroup The Scorpions and the only German guitarist to be inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame)

Joe Bonamassa - "Best Blues Guitarist 2009" (Guitar Player Magazine) and "Blues Rock Titan 2010" (Guitar World) are just two of the accolades documenting the towering status of one of the world's finest Rock and Blues guitarists.

Please click on an individual image for more detailed information on each of our Artist Series Signature cables



Infinite Tone - Perfect Silence

KLOTZ' TITANIUM is a new, patented instrument cable which is designed to enhance tone and dynamics while being completely free of microphonics.

KLOTZ has succeeded in 'squaring the circle' with this revolutionary cable design. The TITANIUM not only delivers outstanding signal quality and tone, but is so rugged that subsonic noise, motion noise, static and interference are reduced to negligible levels. These sonic and mechanical properties, plus premium Neutrik connectors - including the “Silent Plug“™ - combine with the KLOTZ' hallmark of long-standing technology experience to give an absolutely unique high-end cable.

As with all Klotz cables, the Titanium is produced in Germany and every one is subjected to a battery of tests before being released for sale. KLOTZ is so confident of the TITANIUM’s quality that it offers a lifetime guarantee.

Cable Type:   TITANIUM guitar cable,capacitance 75 pF/m
Shielding:   Double screened cable, ultrafine copper spiral shield < 95%, separating layer for signal compression and conductive plastic
Connector Type:   Neutrik Standard or Silent 2pin, 6.35 mm, straight or angled with Gold contacts
Sleeve Type:   Black Metal with abrasion-resistant highly flexible outer jacket
 Jacket Type:   PVC



Three Packs - Pedal Patchers


Cable Type:  

IY204, 2x 0.22 mm², 4.0 x 8.0 mm, capacitance 130 pF/m (40 pF/ft)

Shielding:   Double screened cable, ultrafine copper spiral shield < 95% and conductive plastic
Connector Type:   Amphenol - 2x 2p., 6.35 mm, straight (PP) or angled (PP-A)
Sleeve Type:  

metal, black, with integrated rubber sleeve

 Jacket Type:   PVC