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A Look Behind the Scenes

 All of Klotz' innovative high-quality products are developed in-house – without exception. Far-sighted, future-oriented ideas continuously generate new products that are always one step ahead of today’s requirements.
Check out this behind-the-scenes video to see the care and attention to detail that goes into making every Klotz cable and connector 


M1 Series Microphone cables are based on the proven KLOTZ MY206 cable, offering superb flexibility and a lead-free 6.15mm PVC jacket. M1 Series cables feature highly effective screening and ultra-low capacitance of 60 pf/m.

Klotz Designed and Manufactured Connectors: The new Klotz connectors have an attractive modern design with a compact, easy-to-handle form. Precision-machined pin contacts are standard; Pin 1 offers improved ground contact to prevent noise when withdrawing the connector. New socket contact design significantly improves contact resistance. Soldered contacts and collet chuck for strain relief ensure maximum durability. An oversized latch lever on the outside of the connector is a useful and user-friendly addition.

 Cable:     MY206, 0.22 mm²,capacitance 60 pF/m
Jacket:     PVC, extremely flexible,min. bending radius 30 mm
Shielding:     spiral shield
XLR:   Exclusive Klotz XLR 3 pin, female, black, silver contacts
Jack Plug:   metal shell, silver contacts, plastic sleeve, black



The M2 microphone cable features rugged design and outstanding screening specs. The MC 2000 cable type used is ideal for the tough conditions of life on the road.

Like the M1 microphone cable using cable type MY206, the M2 offers capacitance of 60 pF/m as standard, plus a highly flexible reinforced jacket. However, the M2‘s cable cross-section of 6.5 mm promises extra durability and ruggedness. Available with red, blue and black outer jacket.

KLOTZ supplies the M2 Prime Series with Klotz Black Chromed connectors. This new series offers a range of new features that enhance reliability, with extra-rugged contacts and improved strain relief.

 Cable:   MC2000, 0.22 mm², sturdy professional cable for heavy strain, capacitance 60 pF/m
Jacket:   PVC, extremely flexible, min. bending radius 30 mm
Shielding:   spiral shield
 Connectors:   Exclusive Klotz 3 pin XLR, female and male black chromed shells
Contacts:   silver
Sleeve:   plastic sleeve, black



As a top-class microphone cable, the M5 not only delivers virtually lossless signal transmission over long distances, but also provides unequalled protection against interference with sophisticated shielding – a particularly vital aspect in studio work. Its double counter-rotating copper spiral shield delivers virtually 100% coverage against interference, with outstanding protection for the signal conductor.

And as a pro microphone cable, the M5 offers a unique design found only with KLOTZ: its extra-large conductor cross-section of 0.5 mm² is a guarantee for top transparency and superb resolution, with unbeatable capacitance of only 55pF/m. An extruded PVC core provides stability for the twisted strands and ensures the M5 is rugged enough to pass tough testing of over 25,000 bending cycles. And with a finely stranded core offering ultra-low precision tolerances, the M5’s attenuation and EMC values are excellent.

The M5 with PVC jacket is the ideal choice for indoor and studio use with normal levels of mechanical strain. The pro cable is finished with gold-plated contacts on the Neutrik XLR connectors.

 Cable:   MC5000, 0.50 mm², stranded bare copper
Jacket:   PVC, minimum bending radius 35 mm
Shielding:   Double, counter-rotating, bare copper spiral shield
 Connectors:   Neutrik XXB and XXBAG series XLR 3pin, female and male, black shell
Contacts:   Gold (XXB) or silver (XXBAG)