MUSO Mag competition winner announced!


Congratulations to Courtney Homer of Victoria for winning last month's Muso magazine competition. Courtney is pictured (centre) with a friend, picking up her Sterling by Music Man natural finish Ray 35 from Ben at the newly opened GH Music.


Her next port of call will be one of GH Music's teachers, so that she can learn how to rock that bass!


Keep your eyes open for competitions that we run through magazines like Muso, Mixdown and Australian Guitar, our facebook page, and our newsletter (just email to subscribe), and maybe the next instrument or amp we give away will be yours!


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August 8 2012 - CMC Newsletter 2 is Now Available

The quarterly CMC Music newsletter is on its way to our dealers and friends. It contains information on the latest releases, product updates, artist activities and more on all our brands - DV Mark, Egnater, Ernie Ball, Hiwatt, Lakewood, Markbass, Mark Drum, Music Man, Sterling by Music Man and Sterling by Music Man S.U.B.

It also includes the chance to win a Sterling by Music Man Ray 34 by liking us on Facebook.

If you would like to subscribe to our quarterly newsletter (and that's ALL you'll be receiving!), just email with your name and include the word 'subscribe' in the subject or body of the email.



DV Mark News - Australian Guitar loves Little 40 Heads and 212 Cabs!
"The whole design of this amplifier is unique, musical and user friendly... the perfect working man’s amp for Jazz to Rock styles"
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Egnater News - New Tweaker 40s and 88s shipping in Australia September 1

Egnater's new 'beefed up' Tweaker Amps are arriving in Australia, and Egnater has released its first set of audio clips for the Tweaker-40 heads and combos and Tweaker-8heads  ... check them out today!                       

Click here to visit our Egnater news page and find out what else is coming up!


Ernie Ball News - Ernie Ball Gig Bag Amplifier Powered By Marshall Now Shipping!


Ernie Ball is proud to announce the arrival of the new Ernie Ball Gig Bag Amplifier Powered By Marshall. This new Gigbag Amp is a one of a kind product that combines a portable, practical solution for both guitar and amplifier. The plug in and play feature makes this the perfect practice/performance tool wherever you go. Now leaving your electric guitar in the closet as you head to the beach, lake, or local park is a thing of the past.




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  Hiwatt News - The Foo Fighters use Hiwatt

Although known for not really endorsing anything at all, Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl has ordered his new Hiwatt - which is about as near as anyone’s going to get…
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Lakewood News - Lakewood Radio Commercial with Vision

To celebrate the anniversary of Lakewood Guitars in Australia, we recently released this radio commercial on Classic 95.3 FM.

Lakewood have combined the audio from that advertisement with their own vision.

We would just like to share this with you and hope you enjoy the beautiful images. Click on the picture for more Lakewood News and a link to the video... 

  Music Man News - The Music Man Premier Dealer Network's First Release Has Arrived In Australia

Only 200 Signed True Gold Lukes for the World.... and Australia has 17


Click on the image to see more Music Man news, or visit your Music Man Premier Dealer Network member now to play a 'truly' exceptional guitar...


Markbass News - New TTE 500 Tube Head in Australian Stores Now!

Markbass have reinvented amplification for bass players -again - with their 500w TTE 500 tube head, available at select Markbass stockists now.

Click on the image for more Markbass news, or click here to find out where you can fire up a TTE 500 and find out what the buzz is about for yourself...


Sterling By Music Man News - New Models, Colours and Limited Releases for 2011

 Sterling by Music Man has responded to a successful 2010 by releasing an expanded range of new models, colours and limited edition offerings for 2011.

 Click on the image to check out more Sterling by Music Man news, then drop into your local Sterling by Music Man dealer for a test drive!


The New Tweaker 40s and 88s are HERE! Before you rock into your nearest Egnater dealer to try one for yourself, hear what John and Gustavo at Egnater have to say about our new powerhouses!
Enjoyed Part 1 of John and Gustavo's introduction to our new big Tweakers? Check out part 2 here, then check out these killer heads and combos in the flesh at your nearest Egnater dealer.