Little Mark IV 300


Little Mark Vintage Head


Stu Hamm Signature STU AMP Head


Michael League Signature CASA Head


Little Marcus 1000 Little Marcus 800
Little Marcus 500 Little Marcus 250



Evo 1
Evo Controller
  Bass Multiamp  
  MIDI Pedalboard    



Little Mark 250 Black Nano Mark 300 Big Bang Little Mark Ninja
Little Mark III Little Mark 800 Little Mark Tube Little Mark Tube 800
  TTE 501 TTE 800  





Bassist Polo Jones gives us a tour of his onstage rig with Zucchero, which includes two Markbass SD 1200 amps, four Standard 104HF cabinets, and a Super Synth pedal!

Zucchero Chocabeck World Tour, 2011


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