Kyser - America's Capo  

There’s an excellent chance that you’ll find a capo in just about every guitarist’s gig bag. And there’s an even better chance that, when you find one, it will be a Kyser Quick-Change capo. Made in the North Texas towns of Kaufman and Canton, Kyser Musical Products produces about 100,000 capos annually, shipping them to distributors throughout the US, Europe, Asia, and Canada. The company’s mottos are “America’s capo” and “the world’s favorite.”

It all started in 1981, when Milton Kyser, a retired machinist, heard his guitar-playing friend complain about the elastic band capo that was standard at the time. Kyser figured he could create a capo that would be more precise and easier to use. His innovative design, which features a spring-tensioned clamp, became known as the Quick-Change capo.

After 30 years at the helm, Milton handed the CEO reins over to his grandniece, Meredith Hamlin, a former oil and gas industry executive. She joined Kyser in June 2012 and became CEO in October that same year. “Milton asked me if I could come and help him out for a little while,” she recalls. “I took a two-week leave of absence from the petroleum industry, which turned into a full-time position—first as general manager and then as CEO and president of the board.” Building upon its founder's core values and Meredith's guiding principles, Kyser Musical Products, Inc.proudly manufactures its capos in Texas, USA, while remaining a family owned and operated business