Bona on Bass
 Richard Bona discusses the forces that led to the design of his signature Kilimanjaro and Kimandu basses. If you speak no French, the subtitles will provide you with some intriguing insights!


 Gloxy Series Basses
 Gloxy GV 4 in 3 Tone Sunburst
Gloxy GV4 in Fiesta Red
Gloxy GV4 in Tobacco Burst
 Gloxy GV4 in Black
 Gloxy GV4 in Cream
 Gloxy GV4 in Surf Green
Gloxy GV5 in 3 Tone Sunburst
Gloxy GV5 in Fiesta Red
 Gloxy GV5 In Tobacco Burst
 Gloxy GV5 in Black
Gloxy GV5 in Cream
 Gloxy GV5 in Surf Green
Richard Bona Signature Kilimanjaro
Richard Bona Signature Kilimanjaro 5 
Richard Bona Signature Kimandu 
Richard Bona Signature Kimandu 5 
MB JP Gold