Mark Vintage Pre

Following the success of the Little Mark Vintage head, Markbass developed the MARK VINTAGE PRE, a tube preamp pedal with REAL TRUE BYPASS that's guaramteed to become the pro bass player's Swiss Army Knife of audio processors. The MARK VINTAGE PRE delivers a very wide palette of tone options, from modern sounds to vintage as well as many other inteligent features.

4 band EQ, a 3-way switch with preset EQ settings, DRIVE control with two different types of distortion that can be mixed with the clean signal thanks to the BLEND control, +6 dB BOOST, AUX-IN and Headphones output, FX send/return, a DI-LINE OUT with a dedicated transformer and, starting from an idea suggested by legendary bassist Marcus Miller, digital transformer based RCA outputs and TOSLINK connection with the ability to switch your sampling rate between 44.1/48/96KHz - making it the perfect studio tool for recording bass players.

The Mark Vintage Pre is a cutting edge preamp that guarantees every bass player access to professional sound wherever they play - from studio work to stage concerts.

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